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Do you have coins, banknotes or military medals that you want to sell?  Hythe Coins will give you a valuation for your items. This is a free service and you are under no obligation to sell your coins / items once a price has been given. If you have a larger collection of items a home visit may be arranged, but generally the best way forward would be to phone ahead before bringing your items to us at The Malthouse in Hythe, Kent.

Read the 'How it Works' page below to see how to proceed with selling your coins , banknotes and medals and other similar items. 

50p and £2 Coins

PLEASE NOTE: I receive many calls every day with regard to 50p coins and £2 coins. I would request that you do not call me with regard to these particular coins. Media coverage and eBay scam sales of these coins can be misleading. This may encourage those who find one in their change or have collected them, that the coins they have are worth a lot of money, when in almost every case they are not. Thanks

If you do have a 50p or £2 coin that seems interesting I would suggest you look on the Advanced page on eBay and look at how much the majority of listings with your particular coin has sold for rather than looking at the highest price sale - if there are 50 sales of your coin selling for £3.99 and one that sold for £400 / £2,000, etc.. then I would ask you to wonder which one is the scam.

One type of scam:

1) Someone puts a coin up for sale for £2,000 - someone 'buys' it, but really the seller has several eBay accounts and actually purchases it themselves, so no money has changed hands at all. The sale can be cancelled ( so the seller gets his fees back) but the general public will not know this.   You look at your coin in the mean time thinking 'wow, I am onto a winner' as you compare yours to the scam sale.

2) The process is repeated perhaps once or twice more. The seller interchanges their 'buyer' to deter suspicion.  Again the process is cancelled but the general public are not aware.

3) The coin is then on sale for real - and someone who has been misled will buy it for perhaps £400 thinking that they have a real bargain because they have been led to believe this type of coin has been sold at £2,000  twice or three times before.

4) The seller picks up £400 - for a £3.99 coin 

How to sell your coins in Kent
Coin Dealer for Kent including Canterbury, Dover, Deal, Folkestone, Hythe, Dymchurch, New Romney, Ashford and surrounding areas. We are interested in pre-decimal coins, European and old world coins, gold and silver coins, small pieces including military items including medals and badges.


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